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FIRECRACKERS Brashear/TDR 2024 is a premier 14U travel program under the Firecracker organization, that earned the opportunity to compete under the Firecrackers Brashear "flag" of the most successful and well-established programs in the country.  Our program is a 501c(3) non-profit youth charitable organization (no earnings will benefit any individuals) created to promote, develop, educate and teach the sport of softball at the highest levels in elite facilities.


The program is under the guidance of manager Christopher Dunakin (10 years+ experience both within the Firecracker Brashear organization and management of the 2017 State Championship team/program in Aliso Viejo)...coaches Jason Jankanish (10 years+ experience in travel softball, management of teams that competed for State Championships in Mission Viejo and experience as a collegiate baseball player), Mike Proctor (10+ years experience as a high school coach and manager/coach of teams that competed for State Championships in Rancho Trabuco) and Frank Rizzo (40+ years experience as a player, collegiate manager/coach, high school coach and personal pitching/hitting instructor)...S&C/speed and agility coaches Venya Manzyuk...AND direct advisement/mentorship/coaching of Firecrackers, Inc. VP & CRC - Vice President Sean Brashear (10+ years as manager/leader in Firecrackers, Inc. with multiple national championships) and Chief Recruiting Coordinator Roman Gallegos (10+ years of experience personally overseeing scheduling and college recruitment process for the entire Firecrackers organization).   Combined Sean and Roman have worked with, developed and assisted 100+ STUDENT athletes in reaching their goal of playing D-1 collegiate softball.


Firecrackers Brashear/TDR 2024 strives to provide the foundation for athletes to succeed on the field of play (and in the future both on and off the field). "Team Discipline Respect" and "Play with Honor" are maxims guiding TDR. Our program is ALWAYS looking for ATHLETES seeking to be a part of a FAMILY focused on learning and competing at ALL positions and at ALL times…competition breeds success!

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Competition Breeds Success - Great Teams Finish Strong

Our program focuses on development of the complete "student athlete."  During the school year our program focuses on weekend practices (with 1-2 tournaments and/or “friendlies” each month). During the week TDR athletes have the flexibility to work with their personal coaches, engage in strength & conditioning training up to two times/week with Fullrange Athletics within their schedules (Venya Manzyuk - Softball Training Specialist - - can attend sessions Monday-Thursday each week) and skill-based clinics and/or practices offered in the course of a season (e.g., TDR Fielding/Batting clinic every Thursday evening at Irvine Great Park).  The "weekend team focus" provides our athletes time for individual training/coaching combined with maintaining a focus on academics.

Our practices are designed to be physically and mentally demanding to motivate and compel our athletes and team to maximize their potential and provide the foundation to "finish strong."  All practices include strength/agility/cardiovascular training, foundational baserunning, fielding and hitting repetitions, and competitive "live" scrimmage and situational play.   Through our competitive practices athletes will obtain both the skills (e.g., "how") and knowledge (e.g., "why") necessary to compete at the highest levels.

The team strives to attend and compete in all major TCS tournaments, private tournaments, showcases and PGF events, seeking to play the top competition in Southern California and nationally to maximize our athletes' development and exposure in the recruitment process.  To this end, we average one/two tournaments/showcases per month (and/or “friendlies” on Sunday’s) during the Fall and Spring/Summer Seasons. 

PICTURE - Irvine Great Park (TDR Home Field)


Would you like to be an athlete on Firecrackers Brashear/TDR 2024?


LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Jason Jankanish; Manager Christopher Dunakin; Coach Mike Proctor


The Scoreboard Takes Care of Itself

Firecrackers Brashear/TDR 2024 trains our athletes not only to compete at the highest level, but also to represent themselves and their organization off the field and in the classroom. "Team Discipline Respect" and "Play With Honor"!  We train our athletes to understand we control our effort...when we do our best as individuals and teammates...the scoreboard (on the field and in life) will take care of itself.  To this end, Firecrackers Brashear/TDR 2024 is a member of the Firecrackers Brashear organization, and direct advisement of Firecrackers' Vice President Sean Brashear and Chief Recruiting Coordinator Roman Gallegos, with a proven track record "on the scoreboard" and approach of preparing STUDENT athletes to compete today and play at the next level tomorrow. 

“There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do”

Derek Jeter



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